WhatsApp promotes privacy obligations with forced status

Many users of the popular instant chatting platform, WhatsApp, woke up with amazing status update on their phones.

Whatsapp status update

The Facebook-owned company updated the status of each user to promote its privacy commitment.

It launched an update to inform its users. “WhatsApp is now on status! We'll let you know about new features and updates here.

Now users are concerned that, if the platform could do this, they might, in the same way force adverts display on them. 

This is really annoying because such a move shows that the platform can easily manipulate its application to display ads forcefully. A feature that most users would like to miss forever.

Some Internet users visited alternative encrypted messaging platforms such as Telegram and Signal, fearing that WhatsApp might share its data with its parent company, facebook.

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The company had said in defense; "We can't view your private messages or listen to your calls, nor can Facebook."

Earlier, in an analysis published by Phgurus, it was estimated that WhatsApp actually shares user data with its parent company, Facebook. Facebook acquired WhatsApp  in 2014 for a total amount of $19 billion.

However, the share data cannot be verified if it will include messages from users which it promised would be end-to-end encryption.

But based on the platform's claim, they can't do that. According to this claim, the chats will remain end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption technology applies encryption to messages.

Think of it this way, when a message is sent by a user, it is locked in such a way that even the platform (WhatsApp) can't unlock it.

It is only the recipient's phone that can unlock it. This means that the message is unlocked only after it is received by the recipient.

Because WhatsApp messages are stored locally on your phone, the platform server still can't access them.

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