WhatsApp delays privacy changes after backlash

WhatsApp has reported that, it will delay changes to its data-sharing practices, and work to "acquit misinformation" about its privacy policy.


The WhatsApp messaging service on friday reported that it would be postpone changes in new business features after so many people around the world criticized the new policy.

Under the latest terms, the app will be allowed to share users data, as well as location and phone numbers, also with its parent company Facebook and its units, such as Messenger and Instagram.

The Facebook-owned company said it is going to do a lot to acquit misinformation about the way privacy and security work on the WhatsApp.

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Privacy activists have strongly criticized the changes to WhatsApp, saying it was the latest move to expose Facebook user data with poor handling.

Users In Search Of Other Messaging Options

Since WhatsApp's initial announcement, a lot of users have signed up for other messaging services, such as privacy-minded signal and telegrams.

Signal said a large number of users had led to technical difficulties delivering some messages on Friday. 

In addition to sharing data with Facebook servers, WhatsApp also canceled its February 8 deadline to accept compliance with its terms of service.

"We are now withdrawing the date on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms," the company said this in a website post.

Delays can hamper WhatsApp's revenue-generating plan by making it easier to engage in commercial exchanges on messaging apps. 

WhatsApp was bought $19 billion in 2014, but the messaging service has been slow to generate money.

Countries Challenge Data-sharing Terms

The Change in data terms have caused a worldwide backlash.

A petition was filed in an Indian court (Delhi court) on Thursday, saying that WhatsApp's latest privacy policy violates user surveillance and poses a threat to India's security.

India is the largest market for this app with 400 million users. Also, many whatsapp users have started downloading and installing competing apps like Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp has run an expensive advertising campaign to calm users down.

The Italian Data Protection Authority issued a statement saying: The Authority believes that it was not possible for users to understand what kind of changes were being made, and how the data was managed after 8 February.

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The Authority also said it would look closely into WhatsApp's policy to assess compliance with privacy data rules. It said he was ready to intervene immediately.

This change has also posed a challenge in Turkey. Turkey's competitive board this week launched an investigation into the messaging service and its parents.

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