How To Send Data (MB) From Airtel To Airtel

Airtel gives you access to transfer data (Megabytes) with family, relatives and friends across phones, tablets and even laptops. 

Airtel Data gifting & Data me2u

This Artel's wonderful feature is called Me2U and also you can use the Gifting feature as well to make the sharing achievable.


Data Me2U (also known as Data Share) is a feature from Airtel that gives you access to share data from your existing data allowance to another Airtel User. Recipient can be another Airtel User like your friend, family, relative or you can also transfer to your other device with an Airtel sim.

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There Are 2 Methods To Send Data From Airtel To Airtel

There are 2 methods Airtel users can make a quick and successful Data(MB) sharing/sending. But the second process requires you buying a data on behalf of the recipient.

Here are two methods to share an Airtel data plan, which are:

I) Data Me2U ( you can also call it Data Share)

II) Data Gifting

The first thing you should do if you want to use the Airtel Data Me2U feature or even their data sharing, you must have a four digit Personal Identification Number, (PIN) with you. The default Data Sharing Personal Identification Number is always 1234 for all airtel registered users. However you must change the default PIN to be eligible for Data Sharing and Data Gifting services.

How To Change Pin On Airtel Number

You can change your PIN on airtel number, by simply dailing *141*1# then follow the remaining easy setups to complete setting up your PIN which should be known to you and you alone.

Data Me2U (also called Data Share) You can  transfer/share from the Data allocation of an already purchased data bundle to another Airtel User.

How To Do Data Sharing From Your Airtel Sim To Another Airtel User

Example 1:

if you purchase a Monthly bundle of 2GB, you can transfer 500MB or more to another User. To transfer/share data {MB}, simply dial *141# and select  {number 6} option for Gifting & Sharing, then select (number 4) option for Data Me2U, next, select Send Me2u from your existing Data allowance {option 2}. Next, you will given a field called Enter Recipient Number which you will continue the process by filling the amount of data to transfer or share in the next field.

Still on the Explaination above, which is How To Do Data Sharing From Your Airtel Sim to Another Airtel User, simply dail *141*6*4*2# then you will be given a field to fill the number of the Airtel user you want to send the Data (in Megabyte), and so in the next field, you will specify the amount of Data you are sending. For Gurus who also wish to do a Data transfer easy and fast in controls, you can simply dail, *141*6*4*2* {RECIPIENT_NUMBER}* {AMOUNT_OF_DATA}* {DATA_TRANSFER_PIN}# 

For instance, you {your Airtel Number} want to transfer a data of 400MB to your friend {having an active Airtel Sim, and your Airtel Me2U share pin is already set to 2733 Example: 0808016[-][-][-][-]}, simply go through by dailing *141*6*4*2*0808016[-][-][-][-]*200*2733#. And that is all, though sometimes you will be required by your network to still confirm your Me2U transaction PIN, which in that case, you will still have to rewrite your PIN(example: 2733)

What Kind Of Data Plan Can Airtel Users Transfer

The regular data plans can be shared, starting from daily plan, weekly bundles, monthly bundles and other Mega Packs plans. Also Note: You can also transfer Airtel data bonus. This has been tested and confirmed.

What Is The Validity Of The Data Shared

When i say validity, i mean the expiration date of the data that was transferred to the other Airtel user. 

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The Data Shared will have equal validity as the Original data. For instance: If you have a bundle that the validity period is on the 1st JAN, 2021, and you transferred some of that data, the recipient’s data will also be exhausted on 1st NOV, 2021, meaning at the same time.

Does The Airtel Me2u Shared Data Auto-renew

No, Airtel Shared data does not Auto-renew. What happens is that the data been Shared to you will expire the same day, same time and even same hour with the Sender.

What Is The Maximum Data Sharing Limit

An Airtel user can share a maximum of 200MB to one person, that is, 200MB/Airtel-Customer. In other words, the maximum number of Megabytes on a transaction is 200 megabytes.

How Many Airtel Numbers Can I Transfer Data To?

You can transfer data with a maximum of 2 recipients per day. In other words, you can share a maximum of 200MB each with 2 recipients per day. Making it a total of 400MB of data per day for the maximum data sharing limit.


As soon as you are a registered/valid Airtel user, you’re able to perform a successful data sharing (me2u) feature on your Airtel line, that is if you have a data bundle active and upto 100MB. You can check this out on Airtel's official website:

No special SIM CARD is required as all newly activated SIM CARDS are automatically data enabled. But, each SIM CARD must have been KYC-ed without which data activity will be automatically disabled. Airtel Users are advised to visit the nearest Airtel outlet or retailer to perform KYC.

II) Data Gifting (buy 4 Me)

Data gifting which is another alternative to perform a data transfer, though in a different way, it allows any registered Airtel users to purchase data bundle for another user by paying with their own airtime credit or web service. For instance, if your friend or family runs out of MB, you can buy another MB  for the person.

How To Buy Data Bundle For Another Airtel User

To perform a Gift data, you can simply dial *141# and select the [Number 6] option for Gifting & Sharing, next select [option 2] for Data Gifting, then you will be prompt with the option to choose the Package you want (either monthly, weekly, mega, e.t.c.), then the Data plans available for the selected package is shown, where you can select from, then next is to confirm your activation by pressing 1. Next is to enter the recipient's Airtel number.

For instance, to Gift an Airtel user; let say with Airtel number as 08080169[-][-][-] , 2GB which costs #1200, simply follow this steps: dail *141# > select option 6 > select 2 > Package Duration [Monthly ] > 2GB for #1200 > press 6 (to activate) > Enter the recipient's Airtel number {08080169[-][-][-] } > PIN (e.g 2734).

How To Change Airtel Gifting and Data Share PIN

To change Your Airtel Gifting and Data sharing PIN from the default [1234] to you unique 4 digit PIN, you can simply do that dailing *141*6*1#, then follow the instructions in it; Enter the old PIN, next enter the new PIN (the pin you want to start using for Data share), then next, confirm the new PIN.

Also know that In some cases if *141*6*1# fails, you can follow the very primary procedure by dailing *141# > select [option 6] Gifting and Data sharing > select Change PIN [Default PIN – 1234] > then Enter your New PIN > confirm your New PIN. 

How Many Times Can I Change My Gifting and Data sharing PIN

If you have changed your Gifting and Data sharing PIN before, you can still change it over again and again as many times as you desire. by simply dailing *141*6*1* [OLD_PIN{your old PIN}] * [NEW_PIN {new one you want} * [CONFIRM NEW PIN (rewrite the NEW_PIN)] #

Note; Changing old known PIN is the same as changing from the default to the new PIN which is described above.

If you have successfully done the changing of your data share PIN, you can now be able to do Gifting and Data sharing with your loved once with your PIN.

Questions About Gifting Data

Most Frequent Questions Asked by Airtel Users Based On Data Gifting:

1. How many times can i gift a data – As many times as you wish

2. What data bundle can i gift – All data bundle, which are the Monthly, weekly and Mega pack bundles.

3. Is it auto-renewed if the recipient finishes the data plan– Yes, it is auto- renewed. But you can opt-out from auto-renewal feature.

4. Will the recipient pay for the Gift – As mentioned, it is a gift from the sender, since its a gift, the recipient is not paying for the gifted data.

5. What is the Validity Period of Gift data – Based on which data bundle purchased (in other words, if you are been gifted data from a monthly bundle package, then it will expire next month).

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This is wonderful right? where Airtel users can easily share their active data plans and also gift data to their family, friends, and relatives on the same network.

The content on this page is subject to change, as to regarding our update when we find out that Airtel Network has made changes on how they run their Gifting and Data sharing features. You can also follow Airtel Nigeria on for more information regarding their offers, products and services.

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