Airtel 4GB for 200naira – Latest 2021

Airtel is one of the top telecommunications services provider in Nigeria. It's headquarter in Lagos, the commercial nerve-centre of Nigeria. 


Airtel has given all it's customers the opportunity to purchase upto 4.6GB of data for just 200 naira.

Airtel Networks Limited as a telecom company ranks amongst the leading four mobile service providers in terms of users with a customer base of more than 39.8 million. 

The company’s product offerings include mobile commerce, enterprise services, 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services.

Activation Requirements: 4gb For 200 Naira

To get the Airtel 4gb data, you will require;

* Airtel SIM Card on your phone

* Airtel Recharge Card of N200 airtime

* A Valid tarrif plan, fully registered on the Airtel network service

Activation Procedure: 4gb Data for 200 Naira

#1. First thing first, dial *314# and migrate to Airtel Smart Value

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#2. Send a text message, text “ GET in capital letter to 141"

#3. After #2, recharge your airtel with N200 with or by dialing *143* RECHARGE_PIN#

#4. Wait for some seconds, you will receive a notification message confirming that you’ve been given 250MB data

#5. You can check or confirm your Airtel 4.6GB data balance by dailing this short codes *223# or *140#.

The 250MB data is not what airtel will give, but the 4.6GB valid for one month (30days).

But if it doesn’t work, here are 2 things to fix to make it work:

* Inter-change your SIM cards slot, that is if the Airtel used is in SIM 1, move it SIM 2, then check back

* If you ran the SIM exchange, simply hold on for 30 minutes or less to check again.

How To Check Data Balance

Now you have upto 4.6GB, to check data balance dail *223# or *140#. And Follow the prompts and instructions accordingly.


The Airtel 4GB for 200 naira has been tested and confirmed.

Also, it is advisable to Purchase a recharge card that you don’t need to scratch, for example: that it is if you buy a recharge card that you will scratch to review the code, this might turn out not working. 

But, if you purchase an Airtel N200 recharge card, that you will not have to scratch to review the airtime digits, it is safer that way.

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