10 Important Functions Of Human Resource Management

It is important for every organization to have a definite protocol and procedure for human resource management. 

10 core functions hrm

This article reviews 10 key functions of human resource management. Human resource management is the process of recruiting, motivating, managing, developing and engaging employees to help them become more effective to an organization.

What is Human Resource Management

Human resource management is about developing employees to a higher level according to their duties in the organization.

Every organization consists of employees, so it is the responsibility of the HR manager to hire people, motivate them to reach their highest level and make sure that they continue to show their commitment to the organization.

Human resource management or organization is only concerned with the supervision of employees from the beginning of their jobs to their retirement day.

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In this article, we will discuss the

Administrative functions of HRM (Human Resource Management).



It is the job of the Human Resource Managers of an organization to find, evaluate and select qualified candidates for a particular job role in an organization.

The reason for this process is to get the qualified candidates and discourage ineligible ones from continuing. Prior to recruitment, the organization should implement appropriate staffing plans and determine the number of employees as needed.

The recruitment program should be based on the organization's annual budget and the organization's short- and long-term goals. Human resource planning and recruitment come before the selection of qualified candidates for the required position.

When the selection process and recruitment process is completed successfully, it reduces the cost of mistakes which include hiring incompetent, unauthorized and

unqualified employees. Dismissing incompetent employees and recruiting new workers is an expensive process.


Providing intensive orientation to new employees is one of the key

role of HR management in an organization.

Orientation is the basic step that helps a new employee adjust to the employer on his or her own and his or her role in the new job.

The employee orientation program should include the goals, vision, and objectives of the organization as well as how the new employee can help achieve the short and long term goals of the organization.

An organization’s orientation program should help the new employee know his or her specific role and responsibilities, the right job description, the task assigned to him / her and the relationship between each position in the organization. Orientation gives new employees a description of how to actively work in an organization.


In addition to offering salaries, payments or wages to employees, it is the primary job of Human Resource Management to provide compensation in the event of an accident or death of an employee while working in any organization. It is the duty of every employee organization to pay compensation to the victims, or they face disciplinary action in court.

Failure to pay can be considered as exploitation of workers and the court will take a closer look at it. Employees have the right to be paid for the work they have done and deprived employees can seek justice in a court of law. It is the duty of the Human Resource Manager to decide how much each employee should be paid for their services.


Employee relationships are one

Administrative duties of human resource management because employees are what make the organization stand. Human Resource Management should set up activities that will enable them to learn more about employees at both personal and professional levels.

A Good and balanced relationships between employees and employers will result from well-planned employee relationships. This is the key to a successful organization.


Motivating employees is one of the core functions of human resource management. The human resource manager should be able to determine the factors that lead to employee redundancy and the factors that motivate them. When employees are motivated, it is much more productive.

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Some of the factors or things that may lead to de-motivation are payments and benefits, organization policies, working conditions, employer reputation and brand, job security, and healthy relationships between employer and employees and between employees. These factors can be changed from bad to good to help keep the employee motivated.


Development and training is an effort to improve the performance of the current and future employee by enhancing an employee's ability, by teaching them to increase their skills and knowledge in one subject.

New and inexperienced employees are trained in an organization and also experienced employees whose jobs are being changed.

These training programs are designed to prepare these employees for higher responsibilities. Development and training programs make sure that employees are able to carry out their jobs at an acceptable level.


Keeping employee records is one of the key tasks of human resource management. Keeping employee records involves recording, storing and retrieving employee related information for specific purposes. The records that these employees should keep include: application forms, medical and health records, employment reports, earnings, working hours, vacations and other important employee information. For most personnel functions it is important to have a complete and up-to-date employee record.

HRM plays a vital role in every organization. They need to an in depth knowledge of the organization. The purpose of every human resource management is to bridge the gap between each employee, their employer and the organization as a whole because of the commitment of every employee important employee.


Performance appraisal monitors employee performance and determines whether it is at an acceptable level. It is the responsibility of the human resource manager to develop and manage the performance appraisal process, although it is the responsibility of the managers and managers. 

Performance monitoring also provides the basis for promotion, compensation, discipline and is also important for employee development, in addition to employee feedback needed to guide and motivate employee improvements.

In order for human resource management to monitor the performance of employees, they must establish performance standards. Human resources must inform these employees of these standards and measure the performance of employees with different levels of performance appraisal. They are responsible for carefully evaluating employees 'performance and established performance standards in order to be able to differentiate between employees' performance.


Maintaining employee well-being and health and safety measures is not only a task but also a must. An organization's failure to observe these measures is responsible for penalties by law.

Some of these measures include the provision of first aid or medical facilities, toilets and child care, providing a safe work environment as well as maintaining the safety of staff to prevent work-related injuries and injuries. Take care of employee safety. It is important to look at these steps in every organization. Employee well-being leads to job satisfaction.


It is a part of human resource management to give employees a better working environment so that they are more interested in the environment in which they work which will also lead to more jobs or a greater productivity. 

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Since motivating employees is the primary responsibility of human resource management, working conditions will be favorable for employees. 

Human resource management also needs to find ways to provide employees from their various departments with financial and non-financial benefits.

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