UBA Mobile Banking: How To Transfer Money From UBA Account To Other Banks

In this guide, you will get to learn how to use the UBA mobile transfer code and other ways to transfer money from UBA account to other banks.

UBA Mobile Transfer Code

In time past, sending money used to be a complete struggle. Firstly, you had to goto your bank to withdraw the money, and then you would go to your recipient's bank to deposit the money.

And you could also transfer using an ATM card. You had to wait on the long queues at your bank, your recipient's bank and yet another network issues may come up. (the recipient may not receive the money immediately, all very terrible).

Now, most banks in Nigeria offer wonderful online packages where you can transfer and receive funds without struggle. UBA is not lagging behind in this recent development. UBA offers her esteemed customers ways to which they can transfer money to other banks with much ease and comfort.

Do you intend to know how to send/transfer money from your UBA account to other banks?. Continue reading.

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Benefits of using this method to transfer funds to other bank accounts includes:

I. With UBA transfer code you can transfer funds to any bank account

II. It is very easy and fast

III. It do not require internet

IV. The UBA transfer code can transfer up to 1 million naira

V. It supports all phone type


To make use of the UBA mobile transfer code service, ensure that the phone number {SIM card} you use is registered and linked to your UBA account.


To make use of the UBA mobile transfer service, simply follow this easy steps:

  • Simply dial *919# from your registered mobile phone {SIM card}
  • An onscreen prompt will pop up 
  • If you haven’t signup you can quickly select one to do so
  • Select 5 to transfer money
  • Choose payment method (you will see two options: 1. for UBA bank account and 2. for UBA PREPAID card
  • Input the persons account number. It's as easy as ABC.....

You can also dial *919*4# directly to transfer money to other banks. Another quick way to dial the code directly is to dial *919*4*account number*amount#

Other fast and easy methods of Transferring Money From UBA Account


  • Login to your UBA internet banking platform. {For more info click here}
  • Click on Inter Bank Transfer
  • Enter recipient's account details and then send.


The UBA mobile app is another way of sending funds to others. To get started Download the mobile app from your Google play store into your smartphone.

Some Other things you can quickly do with the UBA Mobile transfer code

  • You can quickly check your bank account balance without stress
  • Purchase airtime and pay bills without stress
  • You can see your last 5 transactions {Bank Statement}


The new development (UBA Mobile Transfer Code) has made life so much easier for UBA customers, simply dial *919# and quickly follow the prompt on your screen. But remember, it works only on SIM card that is registered to your UBA bank account. 

I do hope this guide has helped you. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment below, lets discuss it. 

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