How To Recover Deleted Sms From Any Android Smartphone

Android phone has no recycle bin feature (i.e where deleted files are kept for a few days before being completely deleted).

Trash bin text message

Once your files are deleted, it doesn't even have the undo function, because of this retrieving deleted SMS or text messages on an Android phones is almost impossible (difficult).

Here is a step-by-step guide in on how to Recover deleted text messages from your android smartphone.

Below are the requirements and a step by step process for recovering deleted text messages [SMS] from any android phone.

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- Laptop or computer

- Android SMS Recovery Software

- Good USB cable

- Fonepaw application [Apk]


What To Try First:

STEP 1. Firstly, launch Android Data Recovery on a computer. 

STEP 2. Next, connect your android phone to a computer with a USB cable. The programme will automatically detect your Android device.

STEP 3. When the computer and the phone are connected, the programme will ask you to choose what kind of data you would like to recover from your Android device.

STEP 4. Choose "Messages" and click Next. The programme will then scan your Android phone for messages that have been deleted. Install the FonePaw application on your android smartphone phone. 

STEP 5. Enable install through USB and click on Install when you see a pop-up on your Android phone. Once the apk is installed, you can grant permission to Android Data Recovery [ADR] to access your deleted or lost data.  

STEP 6. Next, Tap Allow when FonePaw app ask you to grant it's access to read messages on your android phone. 

STEP 7. After you have allowed all permissions, then click Scan Authorized Files to scan the deleted text messages. 

STEP 8. It will perform a standard scan on your andriod phone first. Incase you are still not able to see your deleted text message, click Deep Scan to find them. After a deep scan, the SMS deleted will be displayed in red font.

STEP 9. To see only deleted text messages, tap "Display deleted items" to turn it on, then click the sms you want to retrieve, press "Recover" to restore.


To Recover your lost text messages and files, A deep Scan is extensive, and it does a byte by byte scan of the Android device. All you need to do is download it to a Window PC or a Mac, check compatibility and run the scan. 


The FonePaw app is a great tool to recover deleted data or text messages from your Android smartphone. With the requirements above and The step by step procedures, you should be able recover deleted text messages from any Android device.

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