5 types of technology business people need to access in this digital age

Saying that we live in a "digital age" may seem a little out of place, but there is no denying that the Internet and social media have revolutionized the way we communicate. 

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Pew Research Center survey data show that 81% of Americans use the web daily, while 28% say they are online.

This reliance on digital tools also extends to the business world. Epidemics have accelerated the trend of online shopping, and countless companies rely on SaaS and pass tools to make their work easier.

For business men and woman, this reliance on technology creates new opportunities, but it also requires startups to use the right tech tools and technologies themselves. Consider the starter kit.


"Cloud Desi technology is no longer 'good, it's not good' - it's absolutely necessary," Kiran Nangro, founder of the cloud-NATO consulting and solutions firm Statenio, shared it with me during a recent email exchange. Cloud National Tech offers speed, scalability and flexibility that can benefit businesses of all sizes. Ability to create and operate state-of-the-art solutions hosted on public, private or hybrid cloud environments and leverage containers, micro-services, immovable infrastructure. , APIs and server-equipped computing are now mainstream. "

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Business as well as business people have a common focus - business change. In most cases, technology enables this change, while cloud-based platform services accelerate it.


The digital age has introduced a number of new marketing techniques, and successful entrepreneurs should use each one if they want to reach their customers. Social media, email campaigns, SEO and PPC brands represent an important source of traffic and users.

Of course, many startups do not have the financial resources to hire an advertising agency. The good news is that marketing tools are easier and more affordable to handle. 

For example: HitSweet allows startups to schedule social media posts weeks in advance, while MailChamp helps businesses create and manage email campaigns. 

Advanced marketing tools take a big picture by offering integration with campaign analytics and other cloud platforms and even provide lots of tutorials and guides to help your team put into practice the best practices. Find the best ROI for your campaigns.


The biggest advantage of modern tech tools is their ability to collect data. By learning more about your customers or the performance of your process, you can make key changes to your own business to improve your profits.

Getting data is a good thing but it is better to learn how to make use of it. This is why many startups are turning to machine learning tools that automatically monitor data trends and provide insights into what numbers really mean.

In an email conversation, Victor Zhang, co-founder of Orbiter, a company that oversees analytics, explained, “Machine learning software enables you to analyze the normal behavior of the matrix in your system. Using this baseline, machine learning modeling can also determine if the changes that occur are unusual. These extraordinary things trigger active alerts so that you are aware of important trends affecting your business ecosystem. By converting numbers and statistics into meaningful information, business people can take faster steps to improve their business.


Since customers are very important, it should come as no surprise that there is a whole class of dedicated tech teams for them. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software gives companies more power over how they handle these important relationships.

CRM collects a variety of information that can help your sales team convert leads into sales or improve customer retention metrics. For example, tracking customer touch points with your brand will help sales staff know which prospects are likely to change, so they can prioritize customer outreach appropriately.

When used effectively, CRM tools can make a big difference in your bottom line. A Captra survey found that 47% of CRM users said there was a "significant improvement" in software retention and customer satisfaction.


There are only 24 hours in a day, but business people often feel as though they need an extra hour or three to manage whatever is on their print plates. This applies especially to solopreneurs, who are tasked with running the entire business on their own.

While there are many tasks that are indispensable in any startup, many of these are mundane, rote activities that you do not have as much of a contribution to the growth of the company. This makes automation tools or use of an essential virtual assistant for overworked business men and woman. 

The Automation tools helps with everything from tracking an account and also sending reminders of appointments to generating contracts or managing clients on boarding.

The Global Market 2020 (Sight) report found that 78 percent of business leaders felt that automation could help save them three hours a day - or nearly 360 hours a year. With strategy automation, you can unlock a lot of time for tasks that have a major contribution to the bottom of your streak.


No matter how many industry you’re trying to make a splash in, the right technology tools will make all the difference for your startup. With software that enables collaboration, and helps you gain better insights regarding your business situation or simply automate basic tasks, you will have the resources needed for meaningful growth.

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