Airtel Subscription Codes And Data Plans 2021/2022 updates

In this article, I will discuss Airtel's new data plans, subscription codes, and pricing. Read to the end.

Airtel Nigeria

These Airtel subscription codes will enable you make use of Airtel Data Bundle instead of using your Airtime credit which is more costly and most times when using your Airtime credit, it exhausts faster and you end up not getting what you wanted.

You can make use of this data plans on laptops, desktops, tablets, androids and other phones, including smart TVs.

There are different categories of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Airtel Data Plans.


I. 50MB for 100 Naira

You get 50MB for 100 Naira. The Airtel 50MB daily data subscription comes for 100 Naira and is valid for 24 hours (1 day). To subscribe simply dial *410# on your Airtel line to enjoy this plan.

II. 200MB for 200 Naira

200MB worth of data subscription for just 200 Naira which is valid for 3 days. Dail *412# on your Airtel line to access this bundle from Airtel.


I. 350MB for 300 Naira

Airtel gives you 350MB worth of data for just 300 Naira when you opt-in for this plan. The validity period is one whole week(7 days). To activate the 350MB data plan simply dail *417#.

II. 750MB for 500 Naira

This is another Airtel weekly data plan which comes for just 500 Naira and you get 750MB of data with a validity period of 2 weeks (14 days). To opt-in for this data plan, simply dial *418#.


I. 1.5GB for 1000 Naira

This 1.5GB data plan from Airtel costs just 1000 Naira and has a validity of one month (30 days). To activate this code, dial *496# on your Airtel line for subscription.

II. 3GB for 1500 Naira

For 1500 Naira, you will get more than double the data apportion to the cash equivalent of the previous plan. This is valid for 30 days. This data plan is awesome for daily internet user who sometimes stream and download video clips. The subscription code is *435#.

III. 3.5GB for 2000 Naira

This 3.5GB data plan from Airtel sells for 2000 Naira and it last for one month (30 days). The subscription code is *437#. This data subscription can also withstand daily internet browsing as well as video streaming and downloads.

IV. 5GB for 2,500 Naira

For 2500 Naira, you get 5GB worth of data and then browse the internet anyhow for 30 days. You can also stream videos and download more video clips. To activate this Airtel Data Plan dail *437*1#.

V. 7GB for 3500 Naira

This data plan from Airtel is eligible for intensive internet users. Get 7GB of data at the rate of 3500 Naira with a validity period of 1 month (30 days). To subscribe to this bundle, simply dial *438*1#.

VI. 9GB For 4000 Naira

Airtel gives 9GB worth of data subscription at the rate of just 4000 Naira and the validity period for this data plan is 1 month (30 days). To activate, dial *438#.

Airtel Mega Packs For Live Streaming And Heavy Users ( Monthly Plans)

➧ 10GB for 5000 Naira

The type of data subscription is know as MEGA 5. It is a wonderful plan for the Freelancer or bloggers. 

For 5000 Naira you get 10GB worth of data for one month (30 days). To subscribe simply dail *452#.

➧ 4GB for 8000 Naira

Also perfect for heavy internet users such as Freelance, this 24GB data plan from Airtel comes for 8000 Naira Airtime credit and it is valid for one month (30 days). To subscribe for this plan simply dial *460#. This data plan called MEGA 8.

➧ 50GB for 36,000 Naira

You can activate this Airtel data plan known as MEGA 36 by dialling the subscription code *406#, enjoy 50GB for just 36,000 Naira. 

The Airtel Mega 36 Data Bundle Is Valid For 6 Months {180 Days}, While Airtel Mega Packs Is For Heavty Users (Yearly Plan)

• 100GB for 70,000 Naira

This is an awesome package called MEGA 70. It is made to last for a full year (365 days) for N70,000, you get 100GB worth of data, and it is valid for a year. You also can subscribe for MEGA 70 with the short code *407#.

• 200GB for 136,000 Naira

This data bundle is called MEGA 136, and the 200GB sells for 136,000 Naira. It is valid for one year as well. To subscribe, simply dial *408#.

Now let us take a look at this special Airtel famous opera monthly bundle which only works for opera mini. Opera mini is very good for data compression. This data category are for those who are not downloading.

• 250MB for 300 Naira

With just 300 Naira, you can subscribe for 250MB of Airtel data which is valid for 25 days. To subscribe, dial *885*1#.

• 40MB for 100 Naira

This is a one day plan with a validity period of 24 hours. You get 40MB of data for 100 Naira only. Using this short subscription code of *440*18#.


➧ 3GB for 1000 Naira (for Blackberry only)

Simply dial the subscription code *431# on your Airtel line and you will get 3GB worth of data for 1000 Naira. This subscription is valid for a month (30 days).

Airtel also has special data bundle packages for Night, and Time Based Plans:

➧ 30 minutes unlimited internet for 300 Naira. Simply dial *439*3# to subscribe. You can surf the internet as you like for a period of 30 minutes with this data plan.

➧ 60 minutes unlimited internet for 500 Naira. The subscription code is *439*4#. You can subscribe to this plan and use the internet download, browse or chat as you want for one hour.


This plan gives you 3 hours of unlimited internet for just 1000 Naira. Dial *481*2# to subscribe.

You can download or browse as you like for 3 hours, but this is only between 12 AM and 5:59 AM.


To subscribe, dial *472# and get 200MB for 200 Naira only. This bundle is only between 12AM Saturday and 11:59 PM on Sunday.


To subscribe simply dail *473#. it costs 500 Naira and it is usable only between the hours of 12AM Saturday and 11:59 PM on Sunday.


➧ Unlimited 10: This costs 10,000 Naira and is valid for 30 days (1 month). The subscription code is *462*10#. Experience Unlimited Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy 1 applies after 40GB.

➧ Unlimited 15: This data plan costs 15,000 Naira and is valid for 30 days (1 month). Dial *462*15# to subscribe. Experience Unlimited Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy 1 applies after 65GB.

➧ Unlimited 20: This data plan costs 20,000 Naira and is valid for 1 month (30 days). The subscription code is *462*20#. 


Note: Fair usage policy 1 applies after 100GB

I. Airtel’s Fair Usage Policy
Subscription Data speed slows down on Unlimited Data Plans after a threshold is reached.

II. The 3 Plans have different Fair Usage Policies (FUP) at which the customer ‘s speed is throttled to 256 kbps.

III. The Unlimited Plans are burstable till FUP after which speed comes to 256 kbps.

IV. Unlimited 10 is 40GB, Unlimited 15 is 65GB while Unlimited 20 is 100GB.

V. Validity is 30 days from activation.


Dial *140#. And you can also use this code *140# to check your bonus data if given. When you dail *140# you will see the bonus data and the actual data remaining on your data plan.

Also, this code will show you the expiration date of the data package. Just dial *140#, and Airtel will send you an SMS showing you your data status and expiration date.

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